Construction After Apartment Car Crash Chula Vista, CA

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S&J Builders were recently contacted about providing construction services after a car crashed into an apartment building causing destruction to the lower level of an apartment complex in Chula Vista, California.

One man said he was lucky to have survived the crash after a car drove through his apartment. The man usually takes a nap on his living room couch but decided to take a nap in his bedroom this particular day. Fortunately, the man had swayed away from his regular routine of napping on the couch, when a white Mercedes SUV drove straight into his apartment unit on the first floor.

Brock Veth, an upstairs neighbor said “things were breaking” and he had “never felt anything like that before.” He ran downstairs to see the white SUV that crashed straight through his neighbor's apartment walls.

According to authorities, two of the people in the vehicle suffered minor injuries but neither of them were taken to the hospital. However, the man living in the apartment, was extremely lucky! Veth was happy his neighbor was okay saying, “Oh man, he wouldn't be here” if he stuck to his routine. Veth and his wife were “super relieved” when they heard their neighbor decided to nap in his bedroom rather than the living room that day and the man living in the apartment was unscathed.

Chula Vista police also noted that the woman driving the car said her brakes went out when she crashed into the apartment building. About an hour later, building inspectors were at the scene to assess damage and a tow truck had removed the vehicle so that S&J Builders could begin repairs on the apartment building were immediately.