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High-value items such as fine art and antiques are expensive for a couple reasons. Not only are they made with the finest materials, but they are also handcrafted by the best artists. Placing one or two of these unique items inside your home or building will definitely increase your property’s aesthetic appeal. Once they are in your care, you can make sure that nothing will ruin these delicate pieces. However, what happens if your home is hit by a natural disaster? Surely, you won’t have enough time to save all of your valuables from Mother Nature’s wrath.

Once a fire or flood has run its course, it is highly likely that your artwork and antiques will not be spared. These items are either made from finely spun fabric or high-quality paint, so they typically incur far greater damage when they are exposed to water or fire. Of course, the first thought that will come to your mind will be to calculate how much each item costs you. But because the artwork or antique furniture has already been ruined, you might be tempted to simply throw the piece out.

Thankfully, at S&J Builders & Restoration Services, Inc., we have the means to save and restore your high-value items.

Preserve the Value of Your Pieces the Right Way

Our fine art and antique restoration service is just the solution you are looking for. Even though our company is well-known for property restoration services, it doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate the value of fine art. We know how delicate and precious each piece is, and with that in mind, we will utilize the correct restoration method to restore your items back to its original appearance.

Our contents restoration service is the best in San Diego, California because it is fast, efficient, and available 24/7. If you are interested in us, contact S&J Builders & Restoration Services, Inc. at 619-449-2014.