Storm Damage Restoration

A Storm Damaged House

Restoration emergencies happen every day throughout the area. Any disaster situation is stressful and irritating, regardless of the trigger event. When your roof leaks, it may affect your attic, ceiling, walls and floors. Leaky roofs lead to damage situations and may threaten the structural integrity of your home.

Restoration After a Disaster

Restoration cleaning

As homes and commercial properties sustain damage following natural disasters, it is important to address the situation as soon as possible with proper restoration. When cleanup is not attempted in a reasonable time frame, mold may set in and cause unpleasant and disturbing health symptoms. Each restoration project is unique with its own scenarios, but the universal idea behind successful repair jobs is that complete and thorough drying must be achieved before any rebuilding can be attempted.

Customer Testimonials

  • Dan & Kelly

    “Sean and his team were a pleasure to deal with. We had a very preliminary idea of what we wanted to do, and they turned those ideas into reality… and we ultimately achieved our dream home.”

  • Wendy

    “The devastation of the 2003 Cedar Firestorm that destroyed our home was diminished when my husband and I enlisted S&J Builders and Restoration.”

  • Arsenia

    “Special thanks to Debra who kept me informed of work schedules and answered all my questions regarding my bill statements. Special thanks to Mike for his patience and understanding about my problems- financially and emotionally. Special thanks to Frank, who is a good worker & courteous. Job well done and on time!”

  • Ken & Kristy

    “Thank you very much for the recent restoration of our home after a downstairs disaster. All the work was completed in an extremely satisfactory manner and the house looks great! All of the people we had contact with, the estimator, the job super, all the workers and subs, and the office staff (thanks Debra!), were very friendly and professional.”

  • Susan

    “We commend everyone, especially Jeff, Antonio, Noe, Victor, Christina, (deck coating expert, Wade), and Eric who really offered that extra mile from responding on the week-ends, to staying late to ensure that their work was well protected from the impending rain. As a responsive team, they even took care of extraneous loose ends to our complete satisfaction even after the last check was sent in.”

We Strive to Provide Our Customers With The Best Service Possible:

  • Quick Response Times
  • Free Estimates
  • 24 Hr Emergency Extraction & Cleanup Services
  • Complete and Thorough Structural Drying
  • We Bill & Communicate Directly With Your Insurance
  • Daily Monitoring of Damaged Property
  • Fully Equipped To Handle Any Size Loss
  • Professional Customer Care

Storm Damage Restoration Process

In the S&J Builders and Restoration Services restoration process, our emergency damage restoration crews will first determine the damage category and sanitation classification. This is to prevent any hazards or biohazards for complete environmental restoration. Then our crews will cleanup and remove all debris from disasters. After Cleaning up, thorough drying must be completed before any repair, restoration or rebuilding can be attempted. This is to prevent contamination and the spreading of mold on surfaces, as well as to prevent mold damage and structural damage.

S&J Builders and Restoration Services will bill your insurance provider directly for our restoration services. Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover the cost of removal services and complete restoration.

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