Debris Removal Services

the aftermath of storm damage

Among the many kinds of natural disasters, it's the storms, hurricanes and tornadoes that bring in all sorts of horrendous damage in addition to all the scattered debris that they can bring along in their wake. After particularly terrible storms, there could be trees uprooted in backyards, or shards of tree trunks could end up on roofs. When dealing with this kind of aftermath, it's best to sit back and allow the professionals to handle it.

Damage Assessment

Before anything else, we can immediately take an assessment of the damage to your property, quickly identifying the extent of the damage that has been done. Afterwards, we'll work our hardest to successfully clean up each scene, effectively preserving most, if not all of the integrity of the site as much as we can.

For possessions that have prolonged exposure to smoke or liquids, you'll find that we can restore most of these items using our advanced cleaning and sanitizing equipment specifically made for that purpose. But before we can do this, your salvagable possessions and other important materials must be removed from the site so that the restoration process can begin.

Disaster Damage, Downed Trees and Packing Up

We'll also determine the extent of your damage, so that we can begin the process of extraction and cleanup so that you'll be spared the trouble of possible contamination and mold, which can eat away at the structural integrity of your home.

We can help clear out any trees and branches that may have fallen on your driveway, vehicle or roof so as to provide you with safe access; additionally, we can begin repairs post-haste. Afterwards, we can install temporary tarps so that you won't be bothered by rain or snow getting inside your home.

We'll also take care of any hazardous waste inside, such as spilled solvents and paints, or a bad case of septic tank overflow. Rest assured, we can also help if you and your family need to pack up and move out for a little bit, while we take care of clearing the excess debris found in your home so that the real repair work can begin.

S&J is here for you!

S&J Builders will help clean up the mess left behind by storms and other natural disasters, so as not to inconvenience you and your family any longer. The faster we arrive at the scene, the quicker we can clean up and get to work restoring your home and possessions to their pristine state. We at S&J Builders will personally take on the responsibility to ease your family back to normal for homes located around the California area. Don't hesitate to give us a call at: 619-449-2014 and let us work together to get you back on track.

If you need mold damage remediation, commerical restoration or any general construction work done, don't hesitate to visit our contact page here to know more about our services.